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The plot of the BBC miniseries House of Cards - The Final Cut tells the story of Francis Urquhart (Ian Richardson) to an end. This has continued to hold the post of Prime Minister of England, although he had to fight hard for it. Not only does the new king has made the same number of variations in the political constants of the country. No, Francis was chased by numerous ghosts from his past. Now it depends on the decisive move in the game of power. A final intrigue, a final manipulation and then Francis should have finally manifested his position as ruler of the puppets in the government cabinet and thus secured his legacy. The only problem is the fact that the closer Francis is his goal, the more the noose around his neck.    Main character of House of Cards - The Final Cut    Francis Urquhart (Ian Richardson) is the beginning of the miniseries of the Chief Whip of the Conservative Party in the UK Parliament. After the events did not develop according to his desires, his gigantic ego is huge offended. However, this setback unleashed only with dedication and enthusiasm and Francis developed by ambitious politicians to manipulative beast that ruthlessly makes its way through the house of cards of power. Moreover, Francis's smart, unpredictable and always has an unexpected ace up his sleeve to accrue his opponent mercilessly.    Background information on House of Cards - The Final Cut    In House of Cards - The Final Cut is the last miniseries in the corresponding BBC trilogy, based on the eponymous novel by Michael Dobbs. Consequently, the miniseries is the events of the previous chapter in House of Cards - A house of cards, and House of Cards - To head and crown on. While the BBC mini-series have emerged in the spirit of the 1990s and work primarily as a farewell to the era of Margaret Thatcher, the American remake of the format (or the re-adaptation of the original literary work) is based on the current circumstances of policies United States of the 2010s. In House of Cards anno 2013 character actor Kevin Spacey slips (American Beauty) in the lead role of the ruthless puppeteer. In addition, director David Fincher produced (The Social Network), the series, which was released exclusively in streaming provider Netflix. (MH)

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