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The human brain very often plays a cruel joke with us when a seemingly great gift turns out to be a curse. So it happened with the main character of the one-season TV series"Detective" Walter Sherman, who previously worked as a police officer and thanks to his own ingenuity and excellent intuition even received the nickname"locator". On the one hand, his occupation is in high demand among many customers, but because of the opportunity to find anything and anywhere, Walter becomes a real paranoid. He sees conspiracies and persecutions everywhere, everyday life turns into a real Hell."Gift-curse" the main character is bound to the events that occurred in Iraq, when it happened the tragedy, which resulted in irreparable brain injury.The film"Detective", which was broadcast on the famous American TV channel Fox, plot is interconnected with the series"bones". The first and only season of the film was released in 2011, but due to the tragic death of Michael Clark Duncan due to a heart attack, the project was closed in the same year.

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