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  • Drama
The company of teenagers is going to go on their urgent and each of them seems to be vital. Guys named Prue, Danny Slade and mark is almost out of place as I found that they were stuck with little Jesse. Boy, all this time quietly followed the boys. Then the angry mark drives away the five-year-old brother, saying that at his age still it is necessary to sit near mummy, instead of to be dragged behind adult guys what they also considered themselves. Offended Jesse runs away, but at this moment Danny suddenly quite clearly felt something was wrong.
whether guilt stirring in the depths of the soul, or do something unpleasant, frightening flashed in his head. However, one kid did not bother to stop. The child so that day to the house and got. Where he went, no one knows. Police not once combed all the surrounding areas, but the search yielded no results. Neither the boy nor his corpse was found. Twenty years have passed after this terrible event. Each of the Teens grew up, got some kind of profession and ways in which they briefly broke up. Mark is becoming a lawyer. One day, by some miracle, he was able to find the DNA of his missing brother at the crime scene. From this point in the series of Five events beginning to unfold in unpredictable ways.