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plot    The series is set in the Stone Age town of Bedrock (in the new dubbed versions Felsental) (OT: Bedrock), the Society of the American middle class of the 20th century is comparable.    In this city Pleistocene animals such as mammoths and saber-toothed tiger, but also dinosaurs live (which had become extinct in the emergence of modern humans since time immemorial) together with cavemen, but which have adapted modern technology. The characters drive cars of stone, wood and animal skins, often their own feet are used as "auxiliary engine". The fact that the series is set in the Stone Age, the makers did not stop them from producing a Christmas episode and other Christmas specials.    Many gags based on the fact that time and again have to serve animals as equipment such as a mammoth as a vacuum cleaner or a woodpecker as "turntable" or as a sculptor in a "camera". It often happens that these animals look and after use in the camera make comments. Another fun feature is that the names of famous people are connected to matching the Stone Age expressions and form a new name. So the actor Tony Curtis Stoney Curtis is.    The show refers to the division of the four main characters on the series The Honeymooners from 1955. The irascible title character Fred Flintstone (OT: Fred Flintstone), whose exclamation Yabba Dabba Doo! is world famous, his patient wife Wilma Flintstone, born stockpiles (OT: Slaghoople), and their friendly neighbors Betty, born McBackstein (OT: McBricker) and Barney Rubble (OT: Betty & # 38; Barney Rubble). Later, Fred and Wilma came daughter Pebbles (Engl. Kiesel, see Pebble tools) and the adoptees, unusually strong boy rubble Wertheimer, Bamm Bamm-, added. The Flintstones also have a house dinosaur called Dino and their neighbors a kangaroo-like animal (Hopperuh from Steintralien) named Hoppy. Fred worked in a quarry and had over the years several supervisors, the best known is probably Mr. Slate (OT: Mr. Slate).    In the later seasons also still shudder stone appeared (OT: The Gruesomes), neighbors across the sea, which have been greatly inspired by the series The Addams Family and The Munsters, and Galaxius from Saxilus (The Great Gazoo), a small alien who on earth's emergency landing and Fred and Barney is assisted in all possible emergencies, even against their will. In the German version, he speaks with a distinctive Saxon accent. Ever is often played in the dubbed version with dialects & # 8211; gallant cavaliers and film producers often talk with Vienna, exotic characters often with Silesian language staining.    Fred's voice to him by Alan Reed (in the first German version of Eduard Wandrey, after Heinz-Theo Branding in the second version) borrowed (later by Engelbert Nordhausen) and Barney got his very high voice for five seasons from Voice Talent Mel Blanc (in the German version as the droll voice of Gerd Duwner is heard). In the second season Barney was spoken by Daws Butler as Mel Blanc had to lie because of a near-fatal car accident in bed. The similarities with the honeymooners passed because Alan Reed Fred Flintstone voice based on the Jackie Gleason interpretation of Ralph Kramden and Mel Blancs voice for Barney had the same style as that of Art Carney, who said Ed Norton in The Honeymooners.    During the end credits of Fred tried the cat for the night to bring out of it but never creates because it locks out yourself and the cat comes into the house through the window. World famous is then trying to let unlock the door by his wife Wilma again, turning them loudly cries: "Wiiil-maaa" In the 1962 series The Jetsons, the principle of flint was transferred into space, also calls the protagonist at the end of each episode his wife Jane, as he is stuck on a treadmill, which is out of control.

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