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On the way to school Ferdinand Trenkel happened something incredible: He is drawn by a meteorite and is suddenly on the planet of flowers. In the school he comes to this exciting experience, of course, too late. The teacher Mrs Knobloch believes a word he says his apology, and as Ferdinand is also caught cheating with a strange hearing, asking them to his father to a serious conversation to the staff room. But Ferdinand knows how to help: From his trip, he has in fact brought two flowers. he smells one, he can fly. he smells on the other, he grows up and looks exactly like his father Bernhard Trenkel, the caretaker of the "Institute for perfecting of mankind". Thanks to the magic of flowers Ferdinand can go as his own father as a teacher and eventually bring back the hearing. For Ferdinand's father, however, begins a stressful time - because it meets more often his double. Soon the poor gentleman Trenkel doubts even his sanity. The chaos is perfect, and Ferdinand's teacher-friendly Philip Janda, lands on the planet of flowers and bring from there seeds for more magic flowers. Philip would like the flowers that cure diseases, among others, and make wise use for the benefit of mankind. But unfortunately, the curious hairdresser Blecher observed the miraculous effect of the magic flowers. Without further ado, the greedy Blecher steals the flowers so that he and his family take it to wealth and recognition. Ferdinand and his friends will soon have their hands full to prevent the worst.

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