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The series"Fosters" tells the story of an unconventional in the classical sense of the family. Two mothers (Steph and Lina) raise three children, one of which is native to Steph. In addition, this family is also multinational: Lina is black, and two twin children are Latin Americans. In fact, even this is enough to make an acute social series for the American audience, but the creators still have a lot of unexpected turns and events that will not make you bored. As in any series, in the"Foster" is not one storyline, almost every character has something for the soul, what is not customary to say, but that is sure sooner or later will come out. Of course, sometimes you think about the fact that so much could not fall on the fate of only one family, but gradually you get involved in their atmosphere, imbued with sympathy or antipathy to the hero. And you can't tear yourself away. Of course, not everyone will like the theme of the series, especially for the ordinary Russian audience, but still if you are more or less tolerant, you will soon cease to even notice the difference between a couple of characters and a heterosexual couple. It is very gratifying that the creators did not put the topic of homosexuality at the forefront, the show rests on the idea of non-traditional families. I want to say about the actors: adult roles be honored actors and they play very convincingly But the subtitles are there, but with proper knowledge of the language you can try to watch the original, the language is pretty simple (not in sitcoms, where it is complicated by the difficulty in understanding jokes). Good luck and long life to the Fosters! in good quality you can on our website for free!

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