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  • Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Comedy
  • Romance
A young schoolgirl Choi once returned home from school at the wrong time and witnessed a terrible massacre of her own parents. Only by a miracle she managed to run out of the house and jump into the car to escape. But she did not manage to go far, soon she had an accident and was in a coma for many weeks. While the police were investigating the crime, they found a corpse full of our heroine's namesake in the city. Apparently a maniac, remembering the name, just mixed up the girls and killed the wrong. The Deceased was a brother who decided to make the death of his sister a matter of his life and went to work for the police, hoping to find a maniac. When Choi regained consciousness, it turned out that she had completely lost her memory. The brain, wanting to save her psyche, just erased all memories of the past. The detective who was engaged in business of her parents, regretted the girl and told that he – her father and took away far away from the city in which there was an accident. So Choi Eun Sol was killed forever, and Instead appeared about Cho rim, a girl without a past, but with the paranormal ability to see smells. The doctors could not help, linking emergence of diseases with the experienced trauma, but Cho did not despair, because this feature really helped her in life. One day, she still returned to her hometown, where fate brought her to Mu GAK, who was still hoping to avenge his sister. Together this couple re-raised an old case, and found that the ability to smell can really help find the maniac. You just have to be very careful, because the psychopath is very close.

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