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In series very much alive and interestingly described the main part of Ancient Greek mythology. Gods, worshipped them and built temples. Each of them has its own unique life story and chronicle of love, which the authors told us brightly and fascinatingly from birth to prosperity. Zeus is the father of Gods and men. All mortals and Immortals obey him, all natural phenomena are subject to him. The main weapon of the thunder – the lightning, without hesitation he sends it towards his enemies. The greatest king worthy of his greatness home – the top of Olympus.Prometheus is a rebel. When the Gods deprived the people of fire, he turned to Athena, daughter of Zeus, that she let him on Olympus, stole the fire and returned it to the people, for which he was severely punished.Apollo is the God of light and patron of the arts. He delights playing the lyre, hearing the inhabitants of Olympus and severely punishes people.Orpheus is a brilliant musician with a voice as sweet as honey. Rivers on his way turn back, mountains stagger to be closer and enjoy his singing. Dionysus is the patron of festivals and theatre. His favorite activities are singing, dancing and changing costumes.

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