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"From rags to riches" - each of us though time in life heard of this saying. But who would have thought that the fate of a successful private lawyer nick Fallin can happen the opposite situation? Until recently, having any benefits, Nick falls under the harsh hand of justice-for drug possession he is sentenced to community service in the legal service, defending the rights of low-income citizens. The main character will be quite difficult to rebuild his vision of justice, because previously he could not too hard to follow the letter of the law, while children and various losers require much more attention.The series"Defender" tells us that even in completely spoiled money man can at any time Wake up irrepressible thirst for justice. After all, young children more than others need to protect their rights, especially if they grew up in orphanages. Nick gradually transforms from the sharks of the private law of the case in a guardian of justice for all who are in need.Simon Baker, who played the role of nick, is the image of a lawyer. Each of his character is a talented actor plays with a unique charm, a talented actor after the release of" Defender" on the wide screens has earned immense popularity and love of millions of fans around the world.

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