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R.J. Berger is a typical loser and a nerd. At the Pinkerton High School so he has only two friends. His best friend Miles Jenner is possessed themselves of becoming famous and his girlfriend Lily Miran is already crazy for several years by R.J. But his life as an outsider at school changes abruptly when he is gezwunden at a basketball game gesammmelter school to pull down his pants and demonstrate all his larger than average penis. Since then he has appears in students on everyone's lips and his flock Jenny Swanson now to care for him, much to the dismay of her boyfriend Max Owens, who gets a kick out of RJ's life in the rest of high school age to hell close.    Main characters of The Hard Times of RJ Berger    Richard 'RJ' Berger (Paul Iacono) describes himself as a typical nerd of Pinkerton High School. At the beginning of the series is R.J. shy, withdrawn and can bully of the rising stars of the school. For ages he is in love with the beauty Jenny Swanson and seek their attention.    Miles Jenner (Jareb Dauplaise) is R.J.s best friend and uses his newfound celebrity in to be benefiting from the spotlight and have a better chance with the girls. He has lost his mother and keeps Lily a Freindschaft.    Lily Miran (Kara Taitz) is since kindergarten crazy about R.J. Especially after the said basketball game they pursued him and constantly makes sexual innuendo, much to his displeasure. Lily has an exceptional Gothic look, turns even the hair and creates her own clothes.    Jenny Swanson (Amber Lancaster) is the swarm of R.J. Berger. It is the typical cheerleading, pretty, popular, but still down to earth and nice. By R.J.s appearance at the basketball game they aware of him and later was tutoring him. She's with the high school bats Max Owens.    Max Owens (Jayson Blair) gets a kick out of R.J. to make life a living hell. He is reckless, conceited and arrogant. After he noticed that R.J. is in love with his girlfriend Jenny and the two spend more time together, his hatred increases on the underdog.    Background information on The Hard Times of RJ Berger    The comedy series The Hard Times of RJ Berger was created by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith for MTV. They call themselves as a coming-of-age series, which is a mixture of the film Superbad and the series The Wonder Years. Some of the main characters, including Amber Lancaster and Jareb Dauplaise play 15 years in the series, even though they themselves were already 29 years old to filming. Seth Grahame-Smith wrote the screenplays for Dark Shadows and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, among others. David Katzenberg was also directed several episodes of the series Awkward - known My so-called life, similar Topics treated like The Hard Times of RJ Berger.

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