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  • Drama
Japanese drama mini-series, which tells about the difficult fate of the main character, an ordinary University student. His name is Sawada Takuto, he is the eldest son in a family of medical workers. The father of the young man, who worked as the Director of the clinic, had high hopes for him as a successor and continuer of the family business, but these plans did not come true. The self-confident and frivolous guy quickly makes it clear to his family that he should not count on him, thereby forcing parents to focus their attention on the younger child – Ricuto, a primary school student. One day, Takuto learns that the terminally ill with a rare disease that threatens to change the traditional way of life, is gradually making the impossible, existence. Now his everyday life turned into a struggle, a constant test of his will and character, but he does not despair and to the extent of its capabilities continues to live, believe and love. But in the trouble he is not alone, with him always close close friends and a girlfriend Megumi ready to sacrifice their usual life for the sake of sincere and bright emotions. Thanks to them, the main character feels is so necessary to him the care and warmth, distraction from the pursuit of his physical and mental suffering. In turn, it turns for many people into a symbol of incredible courage and perseverance, inspiring certain actions that are not feasible for them before.

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