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A documentary research series from Desmond Morris for the Discovery Channel. The doctor examines the behavior and origin of the human individual from the Zoological point of view. He travels around the world, videotaping a variety of folk customs, rituals, rituals, traditions and habits of different regions, while at the same time trying to find and understand their common roots. The man believes that man is closely connected with the animal world, woven into the overall natural scheme of the planet Earth. The film explores and examines body language: gestures, facial expressions and the ability to smile, as well as poses that signal anything. In the 2nd episode talks in detail about the human sweet tooth, culinary varieties, ancient and modern vegetarianism diets. Human behavior is studied and considered in work, hunting, sports and during wars.Social interaction, conflicts and the ability to make friendly connections with other individuals also take place in this series. The life cycle, from infancy and child behaviour, communication with parents to cultural education and the fight against aging, is being gradually analysed. A separate part is dedicated to the creative human nature. After all, since ancient times, people have sought to decorate not only your body, but also to create works of art, architecture, which subsequently led to the production of vehicles and household appliances.

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