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Another picture about the life of the animal world, shot by order of the BBC British Director Rob Sullivan,who is not the first time pleases his audience with an excellent documentary. In nature, everything is always thought out to the smallest detail. Harmony here goes hand in hand with cruelty, and magnificent landscapes sometimes darken not always pleasant to the eye pictures. So arranged that the predators eat the herbivores, and the latter remains the only hope for salvation and procreation. This is the law of the jungle, which invariably accompanies all living creatures. In the film" hunting" wild animals shrouds open to the audience from a completely different side. There will not be cute pictures about motherhood or the Commonwealth – the only sharp claws, fangs and eating fresh carcasses of dead animals. You can enjoy the grace of natural predators and agility of herbivores. For some – hunting is only a way of survival, because without food it is impossible to live. Others have made myself out of food the whole ritual. Others prefer to kill those who are weaker than you for sport. Always wanted to watch the hunting of tigers and lionesses? Never seen a crocodile hunting before? Or do you like sea creatures that fall on shoals small fish without leaving even a chance for salvation? All this you will find in the new project of the BBC. Is it worth watching? Of course, if you want even for a second to be surrounded by really wild nature, where the slightest delay means certain death.

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