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Bear Grylls enjoys adventure and exploring new things. This man decided to test the fortitude and ingenuity of thirteen people. For this experiment, Grylls sent people to a remote corner of our planet, namely to an island located in the Pacific ocean. From what side will show himself a man caught in the wild and unexplored nature?People who went to the island will have to survive in difficult and unusual conditions. They can only hope for themselves, because on a distant island to wait for help just nowhere. Video surveillance cameras have been installed throughout the island to film and record the lives of thirteen volunteers. They will not be easy, as they are all accustomed to modern amenities and to living in a comfortable environment. Each person will have to show the strength of spirit, character, overcome all their fears and survive on a distant island. Of course, it will not be easy, but they have no choice, it is unlikely that someone will be able to get off the island on their own.