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Sean and Michelle are talented private detectives who in the recent past worked for a secret Agency. The skills acquired over the years of service help two young people to confidently solve complicated cases, track down even the most resourceful criminals and leave far behind all colleagues from the police. Most often, miss Maxwell and Mr. king take up the investigation of cases related to politics. They like to bring to light the high-handed officials who think themselves invulnerable before the Law. Sean's past connections, when he worked as a personal bodyguard of an influential official, allowed him to learn almost everything about the representatives of the ruling elite of Washington, so that partners with great pleasure use the knowledge gained. Yes, and Michelle, a former CIA agent, boasts of wit and resourcefulness, so that the girl is not set to give his partner the palm of leadership.But the work they will not always be so easy, even our favorite characters at one point will face such a serious opponent that all the previous cases will seem to them a child's game. Detectives will need all the skills and abilities of undercover agents in order to confront the criminal clan, declared them a real hunt.