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There is somewhere in the jungle island, which has every right to the title of uninhabited. According to legend, there are stored countless treasures that no one has ever managed to get. After all, all who only went there, never came back. No one knows what is going on there and what secret is actually hidden behind all this, and maybe it is a curse at all. Only now people who want to get the treasure does not decrease, they do not even stop the fact that they can no longer return from those edges. For the sake of gold, they are ready to do anything, even to sacrifice their own lives, if necessary. So this time there were daredevils who decided by all means to get to those places. However, they were able to fulfill part of the plan, they actually got to those places in time. But now what awaits them and what they will face next. They are so much attracted by the freshness that they don't even think about the fact that they are waiting on. They do not worry that they will never see their native lands again, because they are sure that they will certainly achieve their goal and return home with gold.

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