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"The legend of Korra" season 4 is a continuation of the fascinating famous animated series created by American filmmakers about the girl avatar. The main character named korra-a girl from the tribe of water, with unique abilities that she will learn how to manage. In addition to the element of water, korra mastered the skill to control other elements, such as fire and earth. The only thing a teenage girl has to learn in the near future is the ability to control the element of air. In this it can help teacher-mage named Tenzin. He is the last speaker of the ancient arcane knowledge in his tribe. For meeting with him girl – the avatar leaves', in which until this has mastered in other knowledge, and arrives in the Republican city to Tenzin. But they learn about the impending conspiracy against elemental mages, which is carefully prepared by the Rulers. Korra enters the fight, but is defeated. To continue the struggle it needs to restore spiritual strength. How will the events develop, the audience will be able to learn by watching a fascinating series.