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From this series we will learn that miracles are not fiction, but an integral part of the world. However, the world is fictional, although it is surprisingly similar to ours. In the center of the narrative are librarians. Surprised viewers are in a hurry to report that the heroes are not ordinary library staff: they are members of an ancient secret organization, forced to fight those who threaten the security of our civilization. Fictional events intertwine with the history of mankind, telling about the interventions of the order and prevented tragedies. At the beginning of the 4th season is coming ceremony of symbiosis with the Store. It should be held by Eve and Flynn, who actually become a replacement for Judson and Charlotte. They need not only to hold a ceremony, but also to repel the insidious attack of Catholic priests who are eager to "erase" something from the past. The villains manage to find one of the four ancient stones. If the priests find three more artifacts, they will be able to destroy the Library. Given the circumstances, Flynn decides to temporarily abandon the ceremony to find three stones faster opponents. The task is not easy, but the man has an unexpected help in the form of the very first guardian, which he considered dead.

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