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Bobby and Frankie are partners in the criminal business, who are going to make a very profitable deal with the famous drug Lord William Spinks. But in order for this deal to happen, they must provide Spinks for the pleasures of a girl named Sadie, who is the daughter of his partner, whom he wants revenge. Gangsters have already persuaded Sadie to spend the night and earn 500 thousand, that's just an accident, in which the girl died. Now the bandits need not only to get rid of the body, but also to find an exact copy of the deceased, because it affects the success of the enterprise. The problem is that they have long been watched by the police and dream about how to put them behind bars. Bobby and Frankie decide to seek help from an enterprising guy named Joe Milligan, who must find the right girl for them, because all their attempts to do so ended in failure. Joe and his brother Holt get down to business and quickly enough understand that their acquaintance Lacey as two drops of water is similar to the killed Sadie. There is only one important caveat: Lacey works for the police, and use it quite risky. What will the heroes do? And will they be able to get out of such a strange and confusing history?