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Original Title: The Magnificent Seven
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Western
Channel: CBS
Creators: John Watson
Language: English
Description: Film about war drama, repeatedly nominated for the prestigious "serial" award, in the first season introduced us to a unique team of secret agents who have to carry out important missions on German soil, thus weakening the influence of the Nazis and helping Allied armies win significant victory. Five agents was trained near Lake Ontario, where they were taught a variety of skills - the ability to pass unnoticed literally "under the nose" of the enemy to the power tricks to emerge victorious from the melee, even with the strongest opponent. For 8 series they could perform many tasks - the heroes "Camp X" series helped a group of Jews escape the massacre in France, organized sabotage in the occupied territories, saving drawings of nuclear weapons. Most of the missions ended in success due to the unique ability of one of the heroes - Alfred Graves, the ability to memorize any information in seconds. But from the first frame of the season 2 it becomes apparent that now the existence of a group of agents is under threat - Alferd was caught by the enemy, and he is now in the Gestapo. Tom went missing. The rest of the characters are trying to devise a plan to rescue from captivity Graves, where inhumane experiments were carried out at him, wanting to "split".

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