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Original Title: The Making of The Mob
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Documentary
Channel: AMC
Language: English
Description: The action of the exciting criminal series"the birth of the mafia: new York" takes place in the first half of the twentieth century. In those years, the United States became a haven for a huge number of immigrants from all over the world. However, along with this, the largest American cities, including new York, attracted the attention of mafia families and syndicates, the lion's share of which came from the Apennine Peninsula. In 1907, from Sicily to the United States with his family comes and the main character – Salvator Lucania. Then even no one could think that in the future he would become one of the most influential bosses of the mafia. As a fourteen-year-old teenager, Salvator drops out of school, and becomes a slippery criminal path. He very quickly understood how to make money, and soon the hero has already made his own gang. Together with his people, he is engaged in extortion, drug trafficking, as well as offers entrepreneurs their services to protect against other criminal groups. Every day, El Salvador is increasingly increasing its influence in new York, but the peak of its heyday falls on the 20th year, when the country enters into force the so - called" Dry law»…

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