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The actions of the series allow viewers to understand what would happen to the world if the Nazis won the Second world war. For Germany and Japan came a real holiday, so they can safely celebrate their victory. The winners shared all the lands of the world. Japan got the West coast of the United States, and the States in the East of the country is now part of the possession of Germany. With the death of Hitler was followed by significant changes in the global environment. Between the victorious powers quickly began to germinate grain of mistrust, from which the relationship has deteriorated significantly.

came in 1962, after the defeat of the American troops it was a long time. This period was enough to give up, but the Americans did not. They have made every effort to form a secret underground. The main activities of the insurgents is to spread everywhere the newsreel of the very strange content. It captures the victory of the allied forces, which they managed to win the battle. Two real heroes-a girl named Jules and a guy named Joe decided to take the path of war with the regime.

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