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The story of The Mandalorian is located three years after the events of Return of the Jedi, thus playing two years before the official end of the empire. The focus of the events is the titular Mandalorians (Pedro Pascal), who hangs out as taciturn gunslinger at the edges of the galaxy and is engaged there in a thrilling adventure that is much larger than himself. The Mandalorian into a world where the customer of the new republic has not yet arrived. Instead, the seedy and exhausted figures of the Star Wars universe propel their businesses here.    Background & information of The MandalorianDie first Star Wars live-action series has a long way behind. In the late 2000s, George Lucas was working on a gloomy live-action series from the Star Wars universe. This should be based and the film noir of the 1940s the title Star Wars: Wear Underworld. According to producer RickMcCallum, who described the series as "Deadwood in space", even more than 50 screenplays were written, due to the complex content and high production costs, the project never took on more concrete moves.    Later it turned out that even Battlestar Galactica veteran Ronald D. Moore some scripts for Star Wars: Underworld had written, as well as Louise Fox and Stephen Scaia. In addition, various costume designs, set designs and concept art for the series, in the established Star Wars characters such as bounty hunter Boba had fat occur should exist in the archives of Lucasfilm. In addition, the first meeting of Han Solo and Chewbacca, and the thing with Lando and the Millennium Falcon was being considered as a possible story arcs. (MH)    Only through the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney fresh wind came again in the Star Wars live-action series before filmmaker Jon Favreau has joined the creative head for The Mandalorian. The production of the first season swallowed a total of 100 million US dollars, representing the level of a blockbuster series such as Game of Thrones. A few months after the publication of The Mandalorian Lucasfilm also announced another Star Wars live-action series, which is a spin-off to Rogue One: is A Star Wars story. (MH)

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