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This is a fascinating story about the human conquest of Mars, where the remains of an alien civilization. Since then, as earthlings had the opportunity to explore outer space, they went so far, that have decided to subjugate the Red planet, despite the fact that there already existed a peaceful Martians, who clearly was not red arrival of human beings on its territory. Therefore, the astronauts will have to work hard to subjugate the aliens and break their resistance. For this purpose, it was decided to organize several scientific expeditions. The first of them was called"illa", but, unfortunately, could not achieve its goal and fly to Mars, missing in the galactic abyss. The flight of the second team, called"Earthlings", and almost broke, as scientists have not yet departed from the first failure. However, this did not prevent to hit the road and the third team, which happened at all an incredible incident: an armed space unit became a prisoner of their own illusionary fantasies. Will our heroes eventually reach their goal, get in touch with the Martians, and then populate a new and unexplored planet?

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