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Well, fans of the series of detective and criminal genre waited for the release of season 6 of the series and now it can be downloaded on our website. For those who first heard about the show encourage you to read the description below. So: in the center of the plot we see an attractive man named Patrick Jane and that he is thus a mentalist, if you do not know the meaning of this word, I will explain in my own words: a Mentalist - a man capable of noticing and remembering the smallest details, well versed in psychology and can enter a person into a hypnotic trance. In fact, most psychics are mentalists (you may disagree with this and this is Your opinion). Posing as people with supernatural abilities, they simply know how to read in the face, i.e. they carefully observe the reaction to a particular action. Being the owner of high intelligence, Patrick, until recently, earned that deceived gullible people by posing as a psychic, and everything about him was perfect, but one day his whole life changed and it happened after he had the temerity to live to insult the elusive serial killer named Red John. Arriving home the first that he saw opening the door was a bloody smiley face, precisely so marks their victims Red John, and he understood, that his family was killed. Now his soul was filled with a thirst for revenge and to put a plan in reality he can only being close to the crimes. so he gets a consultant in the California Bureau of investigation, where he will work with a wonderful team headed by a strict and with their views on the investigation of Theresa Lisbon. From the moment Patrick got a job at the Bureau of disclosure of cases has increased significantly, You will understand it after you see what he gets up in the interrogation and what his strategy. However, with the increase in the detection of problems also added and they are associated with our Mentalist and his methods of doing business, but still help from Patrick is much more than harm. you can on our website for free!

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