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The events of the sitcom tell the audience about the hectic life of Frankie Hecky-a middle-aged woman who lives in Orson, Indiana with her three children and her funny husband Mike. She works as a car salesman and tries very hard, but turns out to be one of the most unfortunate employees of the company. Despite this, the woman is a loving mother and wife, at least when she is in a good mood. However, due to regular difficulties it happens quite rarely. Not a day goes by that the heroes of the serial Comedy "it Happens worse" did not get into another adventure. Usually family difficulties provoke children of the main character-Axl, sue and Brick. Axl is a teenager trying to become popular at school, sue is the eldest daughter who can not arrange her personal life, and Brick is the youngest and most capricious of the children. At the beginning of season 9, Axl returns from a trip to Europe with a new friend who is very annoying Mike. The father wants to stop communication of guys and to force the son to find work, but he doesn't manage it. Meanwhile, sue, who worked all summer, decides to arrange a stormy weekend, and Brick is trying to figure out whether he should leave Cindy.