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Original Title: The Mighty Boosh
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: BBC Three
Creators: Noel Fielding,Julian Barratt
Language: English
Description: Long two years, senior inspector collected evidence of criminal activity mysterious Stephen Robert, to deal with him according to the law. Unfortunately, henchman Stephen Robert, Nana got to the inspector before. Rainy late in the evening on an empty highway ten unknown on a motorcycle shot the car family - the wife and her husband, a senior police inspector. The leader of the wounded woman in the face. Murder generously paid by the customer - a bandit named Nana. Mercenaries Anthony and David get five million rupees. Son and daughter inspector flee - the guy should take care of his sister. Materials investigation father guy manages to bring along. They imply that Steven Robert - two persons. The only way to find out who they are - this is Nandini, daughter Nana. She moved to Bangkok and teaches dance there. Brothers and sisters come unknown nicknamed "The Rebel", he asks for the materials collected by Robert Steven. For menacing moniker hides Rishi, whose family also killed on the orders of Stephen and Robert. Avenger of Nandini sent to conquer - the only way he could get to Stephen and Robert.

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