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Hundreds of years ago, the demons defeated the gods and conquered the realms of men. The only defender, the mighty king of monkeys, was imprisoned for five hundred years in the rock. While the people suffered and waited for salvation, the motionless statue was hidden inside the Sacred mountain, where it is simply impossible to get because of all sorts of traps and spells that protect the prison of the hero of the serial film "the monkey King: new legends" from unwanted saviors. But it all comes to an end. Recently there were rumors and predictions about his return. It was said that the Almighty teacher raised a righteous warrior monk, tripitak, who would liberate the ancient deity. Together they had to drive away members of demonic Board and return the power to the state. But on the appointed day the world has found a new Savior -- a Savior. Insidious demons lurked and killed the chosen one in the house of his teacher. They slaughtered all the random witnesses, but one girl survived. The modest maid was pure of heart and sincerely believed in the coming of better times. She had nothing left but to take the place of the deceased monk and to continue his work. Wearing a man's outfit, the girl went to meet the dangerous and exciting adventures.

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