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The plot of the exciting adventure film"Odyssey", filmed by film Director Andrei Konchalovsky, was based on the famous epic of the legendary Greek poet Homer"Odyssey".The film's action takes place in the distant XII century BC a decade lasted a fierce siege of Troy, and, in the end, invincible the city fell. The Greek kings were finally able to satisfy their ambitions, taking revenge on Paris and all his people for the offense. However, the main contribution to the victory over the Trojans was made by the cunning king Odysseus, who ruled in Ithaca, because it was thanks to him that the Greek troops were able to get to the territory of the impregnable city. Emboldened by the great victory, he imagined himself above the gods, and thus dared to challenge them. At that moment, Odysseus could not even imagine what the consequences would be. When it was time to move home, he was sure that he would soon be able to see his beloved wife and newborn son. However, Poseidon had other plans not this account, because offended by the behavior of the Greek king God, made it so that the road Odysseus in Ithaca was delayed for many years. During the time he and his faithful soldiers had to go through many difficulties and trials…

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