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The richest man in American history, playboy and philanthropist peacefully lives his luxurious life behind the walls of his own mansion. He has everything to be absolutely happy than our hero named Teddy Rist actively enjoys. He raises a little son, his own heir, and develops his business, and he just does not need more. Rare random women do not stay in his life longer than one night, although wanting to become the wife of a millionaire very, very much. The man, however, does not hurry to the altar, because he understands that the stepmother for his baby will not replace his mother, but on the contrary, can spoil his relationship with his own child. But once is the worst thing that can happen to a loving parent in a tragic accident a little Rist dies. Heartbroken father finds no place for himself and even thinks about suicide. But the universe is against this outcome, because it has its own plans for this man. One day, going on a business trip to Nigeria, he is in the midst of hostilities. Instead of panicking, he manages to cover his body local baby. The saved baby sincerely thanks his hero, and in the head of the man already formed a plan for later life, because he had just realized his purpose – to protect those who need his help. Through active charitable activities, he gradually becomes much better and kinder than he once was.

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