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Original Title: The Pretender
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: NBC
Creators: Craig W. Van Sickle,Steven Long Mitchell
Language: English
Description: In the final of the previous season, the main character was almost able to prove the illegal activities of the Center and found out where the laboratory staff took the kids for their experiments. Together with his friend Angelo, he tries to save the children, among whom may be a new "pretender", but at the last moment their operation breaks down and Jared is again at the very beginning. In the second series of the third season of the hero she meets an Indian named Michael. It is later revealed that the man had known of his father Jared. He shows him things that remained from a parent, and later they the two of try to find new evidence against Center. This season, the main character will be an arsonist, weapons seller, us air force Colonel and even a maniac, trying to unravel another crime. Will he be able to fight back the people who are hunting him, this time?

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