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The plot of the television series called Purge takes place in the United States. The government has made a number of wrong decisions, which is why the state plunges into an economic crisis, and after a while and does split into parts. On the streets of banditry, chaos and unemployment. Civilians against their own will begin to turn into violent criminals, and in order to prevent dire consequences to power a brand-new government - New fathers creators. They plan for several days to stop the riots, and solve the problems that have arisen in the country, including the fight against crime. and to the surprise of the new authorities is beginning to all goes. People are returning to normal life again, in the US there are a lot of jobs. But... Unfortunately to fight the banditry turned out to be quite difficult. In view of the above, one scientist offers an unusual solution-to allow all criminals and civilians once a year to splash out all the negative. It will be a purge night, during which all the crimes committed will not entail legal punishment with imprisonment. As a result, this proposal was implemented. But no one thought about the consequences of such a decision, and they will be deplorable...

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