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"Raccoons" - this is a very kind and exciting animated series, which can rightly be called one of the best creations of canadian animation. It will be enjoyed by both children and adults, because each series of this wonderful project is filled not only with sparkling humor, but also with a deep sense of life.The plot takes the viewer into the Evergreen forest, where the main characters live-raccoon Burt, who leads a carefree life, as well as his faithful friends, a married couple Ralph and Mellissa, whose first ever guests. Burt - this is the more adventurer, because of what he often gets into funny and ridiculous situations. But despite some shortcomings, the Jolly raccoon is a very good friend who is always ready to help.At first glance, the Evergreen forest lives a quiet and measured life, but this is not so. The fact is that a pink aardvark named Cyril Snir, who is a local rich man, uses the surrounding nature for his own purposes. But Burt and his friends are always ready to defend their native forest, and helps them in this son Cyril-Cedric, who informs in advance about his father's plans…

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