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Original Title: The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: BBC One
Creators: Russell T. Davies
Language: English
Description: Min Tae-yong is not a typical or typical vampire prosecutor. Instead of drinking the blood of innocent victims, he picks the blood, bought on the black market or in the chic bars of Seoul. He has the uncanny ability to feel the place where the victim died, and most importantly, how she died. All this he can tell just based on the smell and taste of her blood. The only person who knows the secret of his ability - Detective Hwang Sung-bong, with whom they have a temporary co-operation in the case of the next murder. Soon to join their team rookie prosecutor John Yu-ying and a young professional Choi Don-man. Together they investigate murder cases, and each time Tae-yong uses her abilities to solve a seemingly unsolvable problem. But there is one single thing that he can not understand so many times: who was the vampire who turned him seven years ago.

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