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Every young vampire must be trained in a special school "Background Horridus". Here he is waiting for a course on the transformation of the vampire into a bat, magic skills and other necessary techniques. The school is located far away in Transylvania behind the dense forest.the protagonist Oscar von Terrifying has a very difficult time. All classmates sneer at him because of his phobia: being a vampire, he is very afraid of blood, and even attracts trouble like a magnet. In addition to these troubles in girlfriends he listed death the girl Sweetheart, whose grandpa did not cease to fight with the vampires. And let his attempts always end in failure, he still poses some threat to the world of bloodsuckers. Oscar is surrounded by a large number of relatives and has to carefully keep his secret. Uncle wants to make his nephew a real vampire. But Oscar doesn't really like the idea. All characters of the animated series are very colorful, amazing and have a special charm. Watch the world of vampires and adventures of little vampires-an amazing and exciting process. What only are the formidable Count von Terrifying, strict Director of the school and part-uncle dear Oscar, Professor Hematogen and Ozzy!

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