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Mini-series"the Secret of cricket hall" (the Secret of Crickley Hall) filmed in the genre of horror, mystery and drama. Eve and her husband Gabe kaley under strange circumstances lost son. After a year of unsuccessful searches, the father of the family realizes that his son is no longer found, but Eva is still looking for and does not want to believe in the bitter truth. Spouses with two daughters move to the Crickley hall, where they dream to forget about the terrible past. But the house in which they settled, hides what is happening in the horrors of 1943. At that time, there was a shelter run by a brother and sister. As soon as the shelter staff did not mock the poor orphans!So eve constantly hears children crying, and besides that the door will open, then some object will move. Strange things happening in the house force the family to leave, but suddenly Eva hears the voice of the missing son and realizes that the son is somehow connected with these events. Now the couple are trying to understand the relationship of past events and the disappearance of their child. Will they be able to solve the mystery and still find his son alive? Or will the mysterious house take their daughters? The kaley family will have to hurry before something else terrible happens.

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