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Original Title: The Stand
Channel: ABC
Language: English
Description: Television has for decades engaged in filming projects based on the works of the genius of mystery and horror. Stephen King, one of the main suppliers of fantasy, thrillers and horror on the shelves of modern literary shops, often in demand at ekranizatorov that, instead of inventing a new original story, take a ready-made framework and write on it his work, which, after the show on television. With varying degrees of success screen adaptations of King's book. Here is another attempt to bring the legendary writer's thoughts on the screens. "Confrontation" nineteen ninety-four recounts the events that took place in an alternate reality in one of the secret bases. There was tested a deadly virus, which suddenly broke free. Laboratory representatives immediately killed, but escape from this hell was only one guard, his wife and child. However, they are not just the escapees. These people are carriers of the virus across the country. It seems that there is no escape from this misfortune. The epidemic is beginning to gain momentum.

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