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  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: Cartoon Network
Language: English
Description: The series "Annealing" is worth seeing for the sake of the amazing atmosphere of the 70s of the last century. The first clubs in the disco style, frankness, which begins to pour on society from TV screens and radios, new views of young people — that's what Director Baz Luhrman pays attention to. In the center of the plot is a group of talented teenagers who dream to change their lives for the better. Among them is the beautiful Milen, who dreams of a musical career. She has everything for this: amazing vocal skills, dedication, but strict rules of religious family prevent the main character to succeed. Moreover, parents are skeptical about the talents of Mylene and her environment, negatively affecting the self-esteem of the girl.Ezekiel is a very active teenager, dreaming of working in show business, which puts pressure on his unreliable environment. The guy lives in the South Bronx, a high-crime neighborhood, a place where teenagers find it easier to become drug dealers than stars. The guy chooses the creative path not because of his love for music, but for the desire to earn extra money quickly.The only thing the main characters really know how to do is live on the streets of new York city, absorbing its multinational culture. America is overflowing with crowds of immigrants, endless graffiti appears on the streets,and inexperienced boys read their first rap. And while the main characters are optimistic about the future, major music corporations are beginning to open prestigious labels, turning music from art into a great way to make money.the Motley company of the main characters faces numerous obstacles on the way, with betrayals, tests and the real friendship helping to go surely forward. In the hearts of young stars is a place for love. When feelings are getting in the way Mylene to success, the girl has to make a difficult choice between love and fame.another full-fledged hero of the series is new York. It is here that the main plot action develops. The city is overflowing with new creative trends, and from the receivers begins to sound music in the style of punk and hip-hop. And while young people are experiencing the disco era in all its glory, the United States is going through one of the most difficult periods in its economic history. The ' 70s will leave a harsh imprint on the lives of Mylene and Ezekiel, affecting their perception of the world.

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