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Original Title: Treehouse Detectives
Creators: BJ Lee
Description: With the fourth season returns to the screens one of the most recognized projects for children "Jake and the Never Land Pirates". The protagonist - a brave explorer who is always ready for a great adventure. On its deck no place for cowards, so each character daredevil and adventurer. Together with the main character Jake go on an unforgettable journey Izzy, Cubby and parrot Scully. These heroes have to be on board the famous ship "Fast", which, as always, will be the focus of incredible adventures. Pirates looking incredibly valuable treasures and treasure, but it is extremely necessary to help the audience. The young audience is to maintain its energy main characters, so they definitely reached their goal. In addition, the tail have Captain Hook is constantly sitting, which does not miss the opportunity to steal the pirate treasure from under his nose. Hook helps Mr. Smee, with which they roam the boundless sea. Of course, to win this bandit need bold and united team, which, of course, turn out of the main character "Jake and his loyal comrades necessarily be able to reach your goal! Happy viewing.

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