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Original Title: Ugly Americans
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: Comedy Central
Creators: David M. Stern
Language: English
Description: Philip and Elizabeth - real Americans. They have a nice house, a couple of children, interesting work. That's just they are actually - abandoned in the 60's in the United States of KGB agents. Marriage they had initially false, but at this time they are so close that the family became real. They seem to be, if not really fall in love, then resigned to the fact that until the end of life they go along. And of the son with the daughter they just love.    Now the American yard early 80s. He has just been elected President Ronald Reagan, who later would call the Soviet Union an "evil empire." The world has bipolar and the Cold War between the two systems is coming to the highest point of incandescence. Philip and Elizabeth recruit informants, building a network of spies. They sincerely believe that not even the most plausible deeds are committed in order to not give birth "hot war".    Live permanently double life - hellishly difficult task. Not only their surroundings, but even their own children do not know who are Philip and Elizabeth. And the lives of these people only becomes complicated when the neighborhood settles Stan. After all, he works for the FBI and his official duty is to identify communists in the United States mishandled red Kazatchkov. If these agents fail the family, they will lose not only freedom, but also children.

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