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Original Title: Warehouse 13
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Syfy
Creators: Jane Espenson,D. Brent Mote
Language: English
Description: The hero of the series, Sam Laudermilk, is not the most popular person in society. It is difficult for him to build relationships with people, it is difficult to get along at any work, and it is not only in a bad character, but also in a harmful addiction to alcohol and drugs, which made his already eccentric behavior completely uncontrollable. However, Sam just woke up and decided to fight their bad tendencies. However, it turned out that to overcome them is much more difficult than it might seem...Character Loudermilk season 1 download very tried! Attended meetings of alcoholics anonymous, repented of sins, tried to stay away from temptation... But they met at every step, and deny yourself the pleasure of a drink or a smoke is very difficult. Sam breaks down again and again, starts all over again... until one day he realizes that his path to normal life may never begin! If he doesn't pull himself together, he'll be at the bottom.

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